Dragero is mostly designed for outdoor installations. It is a sophisticated, thrilling ride that starts with high-speed multiracer lanes, a big drop, an uphill ride route, and finally transforms into enclosed aquatube slides and ends in an aquacatch. Dragero is a mat racer slide; standardor head-first. With multi-color options and combinations according to the client needs, it offers a visual feast for the patrons of the parks. This stunning and gorgeous slide is compatible with any theme. As a high capacity ride, it will help parks manage their queues. 


Depth : 650 mm (26 in) / 825 mm (33 in) Width : 2-3-4x900 mm (nx35 in) / 825 mm (33 in) Slope : 10/40 % Capacity : 150 x lane Riders/h Exit : Run-Out Flow rate (Start) : nx150 m3/h (nx660 USGPM)