MANTIS is a Class-A waterslide that is unique both in terms of its design configuration, its engineering, and its ride path. Created to satisfy thrill and novelty seekers, the slide incorporates the capability for riders to race one another via twin symmetrical slides. (Single versions also available.) Riders enter from a height of 9 meters (29 feet) via a tower platform. Traveling through a closed tube at speeds of up to 36 km/h (22 mph), they shoot into a wide, open bowl. Momentum hurtles them around the giant concave curve and into a short, enclosed tunnel before shooting them into a run-out or splash pool.


Depth : 16 mt (52 ft) Width : 17.5 mt (57 ft) Height : 6.5 mt (21 ft) Capacity : 180x4 Riders/h Exit : Pool or Run-Out Flow rate (Start) : 400 m3/h (1761 USGPM)